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JDSWebs Services

New WordPress Website Setup

Custom WordPress Websites

  • With 20 years experience and advanced training in WordPress, I can help you build the beautiful, interactive, money-making, mission-advancing and/or creative expression website of your dreams.
  • See some of the websites I have designed for examples on JDSWebs.net homepage (just under the word “Featured”)
  • Included with what I provide is 20 years of Photoshop experience for professional, custom graphics to help you brand yourself, your products, etc. as well as all of your overall website design.
  • We will work together in designing and launching your website (or improving the one you currently have) and you can either “have the keys” for full control over your website from there or share the editing and maintaining of your website edits with me.
  • Your WordPress website will be to the latest design standards, highly secure and configured with all the SEO metadata to help your customers or otherwise web visitors find you.
  • I also have expertise to offer in setting up and integrating social media marketing in your website, providing contact forms, e-commerce, audio and video.
  • We will co-create it together, based on what you desire and need, plus we’ll have a good time working together and enjoy the pride of your new or newly improved website together.
  • Service Rates: $135/hr (Qualifying Customers / Certain Conditions 25% or 50% discount)
  • All Services Pre-Paid with credit card, PayPal account, Cash or Check
Website Hosting through JDS Webs

WordPress Hosting

  • Host your website through JDSWebs
  • Your website will load fast (which is partly because I know what I’m doing when I build it, but also because I use super fast and always reliable web servers
  • Email associated with your website setup included (up to 3, more can be purchased)
  • WordPress Hosting Rates: $15 per month, or $150/year (cost savings) 
  • All Services Pre-Paid with credit card, PayPal account, Cash or Check
Domain Name Setup

Domain Name Setup

  • Don’t have a domain name yet?  What would you like?  www.YourName.com?  www.YourBusinessName.com?  www.YourNonForProfitOrganizationName.org?
  • As a part of building your new website,
  • Rates: I set up your domain name for you as a part of the normal workflow and rates of building your websites. I will secure the lowest price possible for your annual domain subscription fees from namecheap.com, the service I use and recommend. 
Photoshop Graphic Editing Services by JDSwebs

  • 20 Years professional experience with Adobe Photoshop for all your graphic editing needs
  • Available either “a la carte” or as a part of the work of building your custom website
  • Examples of my custom graphics can be viewed on the Featured websites listed on homepage
  • Rates: $135/hr (Qualifying Customers / Certain Conditions 25% or 50% discount)
Video Editing Services with JD Sebastian

Video Editing

  • 15 years as a professional video editor enables me to provide for you a quick turn around on professional videos, with titling, transitions and even a custom soundtrack (music and / or sound effects)
  • I use Adobe Premiere Pro, always the latest version, to make sure your videos look good and are encoded to the highest standards for Internet delivery on YouTube and on your website
  • Rates: $135/hr (Qualifying Customers / Certain Conditions 25% or 50% discount)
JD Sebastian Professional Filming Services


  • Would you like videos on YouTube or your website (or both)?  A welcome video on your website is a wonderful thing to greet your visitors with, or videos on each page to really be cutting edge with your multimedia approach.
  • I come to you, using professional Sony 4k (highest resolution) video camera and state of the art Sennheiser Wireless Lapel and Boom Microphones.
  • I can produce your video from start to finish, editing, publishing online
  • Rates: $135/hr (Qualifying Customers / Certain Conditions 25% or 50% discount)
  • Additional Travel Fee if I need to travel more than 15 miles from the 7400 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90046
Social Media Setup

Social Media

  • Social Media Setup with Custom-Tailored Graphics
  • Integrate Social Media within your website: Drive traffic back and forth between your website and your social media channels!
  • YouTube – Make your Youtube Channel famous
  • Facebook – Have a Facebook Wall your Friends will want to come to
  • Twitter – Your Twitter Page should shine, custom graphics will get you there
  • Linkedin – Professional Appearance and Content
  • Instagram – Setup help for this ever popular photo-sharing social channel
  • Rates: $135/hr (Qualifying Customers / Certain Conditions 25% or 50% discount)
Desktop Publishing Services by JD Sebastian

Desktop Publishing

  • Newsletters, Fliers, Posters for Print using Adobe Illustrator (the professional standard)
  • Professionally-Produced PDFs for online distribution
  • Also editing with Adobe InDesign
  • Rates: $135/hr (Qualifying Customers / Certain Conditions 25% or 50% discount)
Excel and Filemaker Data Management Services by JD Sebastian

Data Management

  • Microsoft Excel Sorting and Organizing of data
  • FileMaker Pro Database Design (including Mobile Apps for iPhones and iPads)
  • Digitizing Documents
  • Contacts Lists, Inventory Lists
  • Organize your life!  I can help
  • Rates: $135/hr (Qualifying Customers / Certain Conditions 25% or 50% discount)


JDSWebs Professional Service Rates

My Rates

  • My Rate is $135 / hour
  • I have two discount rate points which apply for certain unique conditions and also for qualifying individuals and organizations: 25% and 50%
  • If interested in booking my services, please contact me at jdsebastian7@gmail.com
  • I prefer to speak with you in person (don’t you?) by phone, initially, and will be happy to return your call if you give me your phone number.