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JDS Microsoft Certified Professional

JD Sebastian is a Microsoft Certified Professional


JD Sebastian has been a certified Microsoft Professional for all Microsoft Operating Systems from MS-Dos up through Microsoft Windows XP, and has been on the journey from the earliest home IBM PCs with their floppy discs and green and dark gray monitors displaying lines of MS-DOS through the advent of the glorious flatscreen monitors we enjoy today.  

Prior to attending computer network engineering college, JD worked as a computer salesperson for the Good Guys at the Beverly Connection in Los Angeles, California.  It was during that time that he began to awaken to his passion for computers and find an affinity for software and troubleshooting and upgrading Windows personal computers. 

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional was part of the course of the college he would attend after a very enjoyable year on the sales floor surrounded by Sony Vaio, IBM, Hewlett Packard and Acer Laptop and Desktop multimedia-capable, personal computers.