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JD Sebastian is a Certified FileMaker Pro Developer in Versions 14 and 15, a subsidiary of Apple, Inc.

JD Sebastian is a Certified FileMaker Pro Developer for versions 15 and 14.

FileMaker Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. and FileMaker Pro is Apple’s flagship database software solution which spans Servers, Internet Servers, Desktop and Laptop Computers, Ipads, iPhones and even Androids. It is a highly secure method of managing data and is the popular choice for scientific and sociological research, companies who have engineers, medical and or sales staff, and is popular all over the world.

Out of all of the certifications and learning institutions JD has embarked on in his twenty plus years in the technology fields, he has found the data engineering world to be the most stimulating… and the most challenging, but it was the natural progression for him after becoming an Internet programmer, knowing of a certainty that underneath the world of communications and Internet communities is the underlying essential workings of databases.

FileMaker is the system in which JDS Webs maintains client data, passwords, design and programming notes in a very secure and well organized environment, and facilitates measured progress and empowerment for creative and inventive processes.

JDS FileMaker Pro Developer, Versions 14 & 15