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John David “JD” Sebastian is a musician and a geek… mostly a geek.

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A Certified FileMaker Developer and holds the Advanced Web and Interactive Design Certificate from UCLA Extension.JD Sebastian, WordPress, Internet and FileMaker Pro Developer

They say that musicians make good programmers, perhaps this is true, there’s lots of patterns and rhythm going on in both worlds, and a bit of math keep the brain blissfully distracted while engaging!

I am John David Sebastian, website designer based in Los Angeles, California, with current credentials and engaged passion to help you enjoy cutting-edge design and a friendly, interactive and useful experience for your Internet guests!

I proudly specialize in helping my clients fit into WordPress websites that are conformed to their needs and personality.  Setting up your site is the hard part and it’s good to hire help for that.  Once it’s setup and you have just a bit of training, you can own your website, manage it, and edit it yourself (unless you want to hire that out for others to tend to).

I’m work with most of the languages of the Internet–HTML5, CSS-3, SCSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax–but certainly don’t claim to be a master of any, nor that this list represents the whole of what’s going on in our bright and ever growing Internet world.  I am deeply humbled and grateful for all the “giants in the land” who are mastering these concepts and coming out with new and even better ones.  At best, I stand on their shoulders now and then, truly, I’m their fan.  For working with programming languages, I use a popular programmer’s tool called Sublime Text.

Though not a master of the programming arts, I feel that am confident to approach them, alter their code in the customization of the backend of WordPress websites, and I find myself working well and in great appreciation of those programmers in the Internet, Network and Database worlds who truly have gone for mastery in their field of expertise.

I am member of the subscription-based Adobe CC software platform and use their fantastic tools for graphic editing, video editing, audio engineering and print materials. (Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, and Audition)

I–like most of the breathing waking computer-users of the world–live, breathe and have my being in Microsoft Word, Excel, and sometimes PowerPoint, all very enjoyable and powerfully useful software tools. I used to use Microsoft Access, as well, until I discovered and “fell into the arms of” FileMaker Pro.

I own and operate a Sony 4k Video Camera with professional Sennheiser wireless lapel and boom microphones and film individuals and events as a part of the services I provide, usually with websites and YouTube as the target audience.  It was a pleasure and honor to serve a church here in Los Angeles for over a decade in providing video services, including Public Access television, digitizing video and video archival, and live video broadcasts over the Internet.  I have produced documentaries and as a musician equipped with good keyboards and string & brass instruments, I relish the post production process of adding excitement to videos with sound effects or soundtracks, where and when appropriate.

As a musician, I record and mix audio with ProTools and make musical lead sheets (melody, lyrics and chords) in Sibelius.


Becoming a web developer was never my dream nor intention.  It sort of fell on my lap in 1998 when a man by the name of Mark Hahn handed me a Microsoft Frontpage 98 CD-Rom and promised me that updating the church website would be as easy as working in Microsoft Word.  Ha!  Not even. But if you do something long enough, and then if you start picking up new tools, well as my one of my internet professors once said, “Coding is art” and truly it is, to me the whole of the technology word is a symphony and I enjoy it as much as I enjoy playing jazz piano or rock and roll guitar with fellow music loving/making friends.

On a personal note, what drives, me what absolutely moves me forward in a sustained way, is my belief that our species will at some point realize they need to come together and coordinate with each other in a new and Internationally comprehensive way in order to reverse our present, disastrous manmade climate change, and the many related challenges I believe we need to face together.

I think technology can and should underpin such an effort, and that is where I am headed.  Some of my thoughts on this are brought to life with video and audio on the website, WEPT.TV “World Events Prayer & Progress Team” and soon to be developed, the TechForce For Humanity website and hopefully future non-profit organization, a team of engineers, designers, programmers and administrators dedicated to bringing forth a harmonized language international symposium for humanity, a new kind of Internet, or an Internet within the Internet, with cutting edge and groundbreaking use of human language translation and international artists community’s coming together to champion and support our world’s brightest and best minds in helping us all come together, do the right thing, take care of each other, ourselves and our one and only habitat.

But don’t worry, JDS Webs will remain in place with it’s own team of programmers to carry on the work that has already begun here, and to take care of you, if you have or decide to trust me or my team to work with you and on your website campaign, business or ministry.