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John David Sebastian Website Design

20 Years WordPress, Graphic Design, Internet Marketing & Video Production Experience

Let me help you quickly and affordably raise up your new fabulous website.  I have many years and honed-in skills to share in helping you to manifest your dream website while empowering you to be in control of it yourself. 

I’ve been a WordPress website designer and both graphics and video editor for twenty years and am thrilled to bring my experience, skill, and passion to you whenever you’re ready to get started, then to be there for you so you never get stuck and also when a time may come when you wish to add more features, or hone in on maximizing your website traffic, your SEO ranking with search engines, etc., or perhaps when you’re ready to add video, online sales, online chatting, whatever you want. 

If you are not familiar with WordPress, it is the #1 open-sourced (free) website building tool in the world, and by using it, you will have access to all the great features websites can enjoy in our modern age: Fancy stuff, useful stuff: it’s great fun, and 100% professional. 

Call 310-780-8714 or email jd@jdswebs.net

Certificates & Bio

  • JD Sebastian holds the esteemed Advanced Web & Interactive Design Certificate from UCLA Extension and is a Certified FileMaker Pro Developer, a subsidiary of Apple
  • Extensive education, certification and career history with network engineering and administration with Novell and Microsoft local area computer networks
  • Service to Los Angeles-area clients and business’ technology spanning 20 years
  • Technology enthusiast and consumer since the early 1980s–the advent of the modern personal computer and early days of the Internet.
  • Click below to view his technical certifications and for more info
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  • Completely Custom WordPress Websites 
  • Website Hosting and Your Domain Name Setup
  • Graphic Editing (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Video Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Social Media Setup and Customization
    • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin 
  • Data Management
    • Excel, FileMaker Pro Design, Digitizing Documents, Contacts Lists
  • Desktop Publishing  (Adobe Illustrator and InDesign)\
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Read what JD Sebastian's website clients have to say

As the treasurer of the Cahuenga Pass Traffic Taskforce I am pleased to endorse JD Sebastian and JDS Webs as our website creator and manager. I also am the Business Manager of Steve McIntyre’s Great Estate Sale Store website, GreatEstateSaleStore.com. JD Sebastian has been managing the GreatEstateSaleStore.com website for several years and has done an outstanding job setting up a secure website for our e-commerce operation. I most enthusiastically recommend his services if you are looking for an energetic, creative web developer!

Chuck Phelan
Chuck Phelan, Happy Client of JDS Webs

JD Sebastian, founder of JDS Webs Website Creator, is second to none other in the business; and the reason I had JDS Website create two (2) new professional websites for me, and I have referred JDS Webs successfully to service our community website as well! JDS Webs is professional, hardworking and brings the element of creativity when necessary to help your company stand apart from the competition! JDS Webs in my custom website designer for life!
Charles Malki
MalkiRealty.com & IVOrganics.com

Charles Malki
Charles Malki, Happy Client of JDS Webs

You need a web page? You need a web page updated? You need a mentor in social media use?
JD can do all of that and do it well.
You need an honest, qualified, licensed, experienced, speedy, faithful personal media assistant?
JD is all of that and more.
You need someone who will sit beside you and guide you thru the maze of new hard and soft wear?
JD is that kind of patient, caring, qualified friend.
You need someone to help you NOW who is fast and fair and faithful.
Don’t waste another moment looking.

Mel White
Mel White, Author, Activist, Client of JD Sebastian, JDSWebs.net



You'll Love Your New Website

Your deluxe professional WordPress website will be attractive, secure, effective and custom tailored to your needs.

Your Website Will Work Great Everywhere

Watch your new website transform from a mobile app-like experience on mobile phones, iPads/Tablets, and large computer and television displays. It will reformat to fit perfectly.

You Can Edit Your Own Website

You can have JDSWebs update your content on a schedule, only as needed, or you can have complete control over it, editing it yourself, with JDSWebs available for support, training and future design changes as your needs change.