About John David Sebastian

Hello, and thank you for your interest in visiting my bio page.

I have been in a dance with music and computers since I was a child, with my first computer the Apple IIc, with it’s Matrix-like greenish monochrome monitor, large floppy discs and no hard drive. I was hooked from the first time I pushed the power button on that machine, which was a gift to the church I was working at in Selma, Ohio, but became more of a gift to me, and a nudge in the direction my career and sustained life passion.

I am John David Sebastian, website designer based in Los Angeles, California, with current credentials to provide you with cutting-edge design and support for interactive websites that work and look great on smart phones, tablets, laptops and large screen TVs.

I specialize in customizing WordPress websites and have experience with live broadcasts “Internet Television,” video/graphic editing and database management.

My skillset includes HTML5, CSS-3, SCSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax.

I work with the Adobe CC suite of software (Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, etc.). My other software platforms are FileMaker Pro (Certified Developer), Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Avid Pro Tools and Sibelius.  My career in technology began as a computer salesman at the Good Guys (consumer electronic store located at the Beverly Connection) in the early 1990’s. Inspired how computers, mobile devices and the Internet were becoming so sensational, I pursued computer engineering, first attending and graduating from the Los Angeles Computer Learning Center,  then becoming a CNE (Certified Novell Engineer) and a Microsoft Certified Professional.  I worked as a network engineer and administrator for corporate networks for a season, but soon found my way toward full-time focus on video production and the Internet, and from 1997 to the present I have taken the journey with the development of the World Wide Web, primarily as a WordPress editor, until returning to college to learn how to become a programmer.

I now hold an Advance Web and Interactive Design Certificate from UCLA Extension and recently became a Certified FileMaker Pro Developer (FileMaker is Apple’s database application program which integrates well with mobile apps and the web.)

I have built dozens of websites, worked with dozens of clients over the years, enjoying each and every opportunity to grow in supportive service to others, inspired by every person I have had the pleasure of working with.  From authors to musicians to churches to lawyers, inventors, and folks in retail.

I really enjoy what I do, I guess I find the Internet a place of hope and potential, and it brings me joy to help others find their place on the World Wide Web.